Installation Manual Table of Contents


Introduction: Making vinyl siding installations easy
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Guide to Product Application

Section 1: Planning A Siding Project
Choosing the right materials
Estimating material requirements
The tools you'll need
Transporting and storing materials
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Section 2: Basic Installation Skills
Making accurate measurements
Cutting siding and soffit panels
Fastening panels and accessories
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Section 3: Installing Horizontal and Vertical Siding
Preparing walls to receive siding
Installing accessories
Installing Trimworks™ decorative accessories
Installing Alside belly band
Installing siding
Installing Board & Batten siding
Finishing the installation
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Section 4: Installing Soffit and Porch Ceilings
Estimating Ventilation Requirements
Installing soffit over open eaves
Installing soffit over enclosed eaves
Installing porch ceilings
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Section 5: Installing Architectural Classics™ Decorative Siding
Installing Architectural Scallops™
Installing Architectural Shakes™
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Section 6: After The Installation
Inspecting the installation
Cleaning the job site
The easy way to clean vinyl siding and soffit
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