Architectural Color Collection

Rich Colors. Timeless Beauty.

The Elegance and Warmth of Rich Color

Autumn trees. Stormy skies. Fields of heather dancing at dusk. Nothing enriches our lives like color. Introducing the Architectural Color Collection™ from Alside. Six beautiful, deep colors that capture the spirit of American living.

From the painted ladies of San Francisco to quaint New England cottages - Americans cherish the diversity of architectural styles that make our country unique. The Architectural Color Collection celebrates individuality with beautiful, deep colors that allow you to create a one-of-a-kind look for your home, while enjoying the convenience and beauty of premium, maintenance-free vinyl siding.

Inspired by traditional classics, the Architectural Collection's timeless colors will be enjoyed for generations to come. The unique pairing of Charter Oak Premium Vinyl Siding and advanced LUCITEВ® technology has created a color collection with long-term weather performance, superior color retention and outstanding beauty And because it's virtually maintenance free, you'll never have to scrape, paint or seal again.

This beachside cottage features
Heather Charter Oak Siding and
Monterey Sand Shakes.







The Autumn Red color of this Cape Cod home enhances its appearance and charm.







Charter Oak. . . Beauty that is Truly Timeless

The classic, deep colors of the Architectural Color Collection are featured on Charter Oak™ Premium Vinyl Siding, Charter Oak Premium Soffit, and Trimworks™ Accessories - for the ultimate in exterior design.

The luxurious look of natural wood. Elegant shadow lines. Beautiful oak grain. Deep, freshly-painted hues. For the natural look of wood, there's no substitute for Charter Oak Premium Vinyl Siding. Available in traditional clapboard or dutch lap, both with premium 4 1/2" exposures, and a low-gloss, natural oak grain texture.

The superior design you need. Charter Oak's unique TriBeam™ design eliminates wavy lines and helps level out uneven walls in new and existing homes. And its outstanding weatherability is well documented. In simulated winds reaching category five hurricane intensity Charter Oak's advanced rolled-edge nail hem kept it firmly in place. Constructed with advanced vinyl technology, Charter Oak will never warp, rot or peel. Guaranteed.

The maintenance freedom of premium vinyl. Charter Oak gives you the look of rich, painted wood - without the time-consuming maintenance. To keep your color looking like new, simply wash it with a garden hose. It's that easy.

Details Make the Difference

Soffit panels not only add finish detail to porch ceilings and eaves, they also help provide airflow for ventilation. And only Charter Oak soffit features the exclusive TriBeam™ design. This means your soffit panels will stay flat and level just like real wood soffit, but without the maintenance.

Imagine the impact and interest you can create by accenting your windows, doors and corners with the deep, rich hues of the Architectural Color Collection. Choose from a wide variety of Trimworks™ accessories, including beaded corner posts, bold window trims and elegant door accents. With Trimworks and the Architectural Color Collection, you can create a custom-designed look that will be admired for generations to come.

Add impact at overhangs with Charter Oak's custom-milled, look of wood beauty.

When choosing colors remember less contrast unifies a home's architectural elements while greater contrast emphasizes individual elements.

Advanced Color Protection

Traditionally, vinyl siding has only been available in light colors. Dark colors simply couldn't hold up to the sun's strong ultraviolet rays. Until now. Introducing ColorShield™ technology The result of a strategic partnership between Alside, an industry leader in siding for over 50 years, and Ineos Acrylics, a world leader in LUCITE® technology

The Architectural Color Collection combines the best qualities of vinyl and acrylic to create a superior line of low-gloss, dark siding colors. Here's how it works. Alside starts with a series of colors developed with leading color experts. The colors are produced by Alside under strict guidelines that ensure accurate, consistent color. To protect the dark colors from the sun's harsh ultraviolet rays, a LUCITE acrylic compound is fused to the color. Similar to how sunscreen works on skin, LUCITE acrylic protects Architectural Color Collection colors with a durable shield that resists the harmful effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays. In addition, the acrylic provides protection against humidity, hot temperatures and acid rain. The end result: gorgeous, dark colors that remain true year after year Guaranteed.



Create the Perfect Look with Charter Oak's Full Line of Beautiful Colors

Charter Oak™ Premium Vinyl Siding and Soffit, and Trimworks(TM) Accessories are available in a wide range of colors. You can mix and match traditional, lighter shades with the rich, deep hues of the Architectural Color Collection for a breathtaking look that's yours alone.


Backed by an industry-leading Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty, the Architectural Color Collection is designed to be both weather and fade resistant. A copy of the written product warranty is available by writing to Alside Warranty Dept., P0 Box 2010, Akron, Ohio 44309.









Note: Colors are as accurate as printing techniques allow. Make final color selections using actual vinyl samples.

Lucite is a registered trademark of Ineos Acrylics, Inc.

Alside reserves the right, at its option, without liability to change, and/or delete products or colors at any time without notice. Alside, Inc., P.O. Box 2010, Akron, Ohio 44309 C2002. Alside, Inc. Printed in USA, 2102 75-0152-01


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